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Primal Force - Inferno by kageryu
Primal Force - Inferno
4 Brothers, born to extraordinary circumstances, possessing elemental powers beyond belief. Trained and backed by clandestine elements of the government as a forward guard against beings that normal military and law enforcement are ill equipped for. This team is known as Primal Force. Lead by Heavy Metal, the eldest of the brothers and able to turn into a being of living metal harder than any known substance. The Twins - Blowtorch, a powerful pyrokinetic, and Deep Freeze, master of the north wind. With the might of Granite, who can merge with stone and draw from the flesh of the earth to increase his own mass, size, and strength.

In this issue a battle ensues deep in the mantle, beneath the Yellowstone Super-Volcano. The Primal Force team must try to stop the Magma Creatures who are trying to supercharge the volcano to bring about an Age of Fire and Ice. Will Blowtorch's pyrokinesis be able to thwart this evil plan, or is humanity doomed.

Based off of very old Role Playing characters originally created in Hero's Unlimited.  I had wanted to make a montage of the group for RuntimeDNA's themed Elements challenge. This isn't the image I wanted to submit to the challenge, but it has elements of it. I wanted to submit a team image with all four brothers...but... well Deep Freezes render times with the custom Ice shader on him and his clothing that I spent a week building just takes too long. I was having a lot of difficulty with Heavy Metal's costume. I never even got to Granite. So here is a featured cover with just Blowtorch... Obviously too late to be judged...
Takei Class Destroyer by kageryu
Takei Class Destroyer
    4 Turrets of Twin 145 mm (Approx. 6 Inch) Stabilized Cannons
    14 Dual mounted, 55mm Anti-Air Batteries with Computer Asisted digital Targeting.
    Undisclosed Electronic Counter Measures and Warfare Capacity.
    Undisclosed War-pod, Battle Satellite, and Combat A.P.U.s
    Ship to Ship Tactical and Strategic Torpedos
    250 (90 Officers and Gunnery Personnel operating in Triple rotation, Approximately 100 Marines and Combat Support Personnel)
    While the Crew compartments are generally single or double occupancy, and not as confining as on smaller vessels, they are still cramped.  The Basic crew quarter is reminiscent of a small dormitory room.  The living quarters are broken into levels and blocks, with each block sharing lavatory facilities, and shower facilities among 8 to 10 rooms (16 to 20 personnel).  Each crewman is alloted enough space for one foot locker of personnel effects and clothing, a shelf for books and materials, a half single closet, and desk.  A single galley serves the vessel, and doubles as the recreation room when not serving meals.  The vessel maintains minimal launches and Shuttles, with twin forward docking/landing pads loading and unloading of personnel, supplies, or cargo as well as numerous hard dock points for resupply at larger space facilities or by ship to ship transfer.  The primary airlock and supply elevator is located in the structure just behind the conning tower, reminiscent of a smoke stack of old Naval vessels, with numerous additional docking ports both along the port and starboard side, as well as airlocks for manual E.V.A.s.  A number of Construction and Utility A.P.U.s are maintained for in-flight rearming and maintenance purposes.  Most destroyers of the Takei series also carry a compliment of Airospace A.P.U.s, and/or War-pods.  Additionally, the Takei series can deploy a number of Battle Satellites for point defense, reconnaissance, or special tasks, controlled remotely from stations on the bridge.

    The Takei class is a Destroyer, the second smallest classification of Capital Ship (above a corvette). The design was first conceived during the Corporate Insurrections, however the first of her class was not laid down until near the end of the war.  While at a glance the Takei Class's firepower seems comparable to the Artemis class gunships, the Takei series is larger, and more heavily armored, allowing it to directly engage other capital ships.  Additionally, the Takei gains a series advantage in firepower with it's deployable Battle-Satellites and War-Pods.  These various remote combat systems were included with the specific intent of making the Takei an effective escort and picket vessel that could protect the larger ships of the fleet from Fighter and Bomber attacks.  The Takei series also features a powerful Electronic Warfare and electronics suite, not only to help safeguard it's own remote weapons from outside jamming and hacking, but to aid it in hacking the electronics and communications of enemy warships and platforms.  The Takei series also maintains a fair bit of speed and maneuverability when compared even against other destroyers of her time, making her an excellent first line strike ship.  The speed of the Takei could allow it to rapidly close distance to enemy capital ships or fortifications where it's compliment of Marines and A.P.U.s could then board and seize control or sabotage the enemy.
    All of the advancements of the Takei series came at cost, making the vessel one of the more expensive vessels of the late war era.  This played a large part in the delays of construction of the first vessels of the series, and prevented her ever being built in large numbers.  Takei series vessels were often posted as C&C vessels of escort squadrons because of their powerful Electronic Warfare capabilities and range of remote Battle-Satelites and Warpods, but this forced them to sacrifice the advantage of their speed and maneuverability in engagements to maintain squadron command and defense. As a result, the initial engagements with Takei class destroyers were not the expected overwhelming successes military brass anticipated, and it was merely reported as having performed "Adequately".  This further set back it's production and development until long after the Corporate Insurrections had been put down.  Captains who served on Takei class ships, however, would attest to the quality and capabilities of the class even when it was being held back by poor fleet management - and many a Destroyer Captain has said it is one of the finest Destroyer classes of it's era.
    There are numerous variants to the Takei class destroyer.
B'Rresu Cefar by kageryu
B'Rresu Cefar
The bounty hunter B'Rresu Cefar had earned a reputation. Sure it was some of what you might expect -- feared, vicious, cunning, but there was that little oddity about a unique code of combat.  While B'Rresu loved the thrill of the hunt, he loved a challenge even more, and from time to time would refuse a job if the target were too scrawny, and there persisted a rumor of him even letting a mark get away once because the mark was unarmed and too badly injured to fight.  Because of his eccentricities B'Rresu sometimes found himself on the wrong side of a bounty - but it was all just a wonderful game to him.

The joy of mix and match kitbashing, morph mixing, and retexturing.  A custom Dragonman themed sci-fi character for my brother, at his request.  Poser 2012 Pro and Photoshop.
Orbital Dragon Strike by kageryu
Orbital Dragon Strike
Made as a custom FaceBook Cover Photo for my brother.

Poser 2012 Pro
Featuring the Mechadragon by :iconmestophales:


Mark A. Fares
United States
Current Residence: Nazi Controlled America (Ohio)
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 2xl
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite photographer: My Dad
Favourite style of art: Surreal
Operating System: Windows 95
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Shell of choice: Candy Coated
Wallpaper of choice: Home Made
Skin of choice: Human
Favourite cartoon character: Invader Zim, or Bender, or Mojo Jojo
Personal Quote: Everyone gets to be happy but me.
It's the Night before the night before Christmas, and all a round the town People are frantically running around.
Caught in the madness of commercialized cheer, that seems to get longer and longer each passing year.

Credit cards maxed out to their limits and budget's stretched tight, by shopping extravaganzas and specials each night.
The sales and door-buster specials created with care, by marketing executives looking to increase profit shares.

The must have toy of the year your child must have or be brought to tears, is nowhere on shelves to be found, look instead on Ebay for 10,000 crowns.
It's now a season of baubles and trinkets, and riches and wealth, why by for others when you can give to yourself.
Gift cards and bank checks, and premade gift lists, to insure all of the guesswork and wonder are missed.

People pushing and shoving and standing in line, forgot the real reason they should celebrate this time.
For once long ago, in much simpler days, this season was about family and faith and the memories you made.

When the stress wears you down, drop to one knee and try to recall, it's not about gifts passed around, it's about peace on Earth and good will for all.

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: the Windmills of your mind
  • Watching: my life slip away
  • Playing: possum
  • Eating: Crow
  • Drinking: Whiskey

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