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Mechanical Intervention by kageryu
Mechanical Intervention
The only thing more obstinate, unreasoning, and stubborn than a man, is a machine.  Why is it men think modern robotics is the answer to everything...even girl problems.  The only way to prove otherwise is to bust up this German Robotics lab and show them just what a woman with the right accessories can do.
Landing Permit by kageryu
Landing Permit
The wildflowers, a squadron of fighter pilots, all female, all from different nations, all fighting the tyrannical German War Machine as it rolls across the world.  Sassy and bold, every one of the wildflowers was prone to risks.  Often the result of trying to prove themselves in what was seen as a man's world.  Though they were beautiful, do not underestimate their capabilities.  A rose has it's thorns, and they will draw blood.  Though their names are not recorded in history books, or on any nation's wall of fallen Heroes, they fought bravely and furiously.  Their bloom was bright, beautiful, and as short as the flowers of summer.

Nothing demonstrates a lady is not a damsel in distress needing rescue like a hail of gunfire from a pair of Colt .45 1911 pistols - except maybe crash landing your Corsair F4U on a German airfield first! Whether individually or as a matched set, this gun definitely gives the modern lady a sense of power and control that she may often find lacking - and why not take it overseas to libera...err...empower your sisters in oppressed nations by demonstrating that grace and beauty can work hand in hand with high caliber pistols.  Whether using the sleek and sexy, garter styled holsters, or tucked away in a handbag, this is one date accessory you should never leave out.
Fraulein Panzer Politzi by kageryu
Fraulein Panzer Politzi
Volga Shebat, dreaded German Headmistress of the Hasselhoff Panzer School for Fraulein, and her senior class.  The school was commission shortly before the invasion of Normandy, when the prospect of a war on multiple fronts became very real.  It became clear their would be a demand for soldiers that there just were not enough young German men to fill.  While the Hitler Youth Core was well known in comparison to the Fraulein Panzer Politzi, the graduates of this school were none the less just as deadly and vicious.  Many of the units from Volga Shebat's vile academy were relegated to civil defense of German and Austrian towns, and it is believed that little is known historically of these units because the women crewing the tanks would, when defeat became inevitable, change clothes and slip away in the crowd of "liberated" townspeople.  It is suspected this is why so many abandoned Tigers and Panzers were encountered late in the war.
Dockside Rendevous by kageryu
Dockside Rendevous
Despite the glitz and glam flim-flam propaganda of the times, not all women in the roaring twenties, the Dirty Thirties, and the Swinging 40's were damsels in distress.  This illusion served those woman of action all the better though in the espionage game.  Though being a spy or an agent was often even harder for the woman, as it's not as easy to hide a tommygun under a skirt, or run down a suspect in a dress - but they made up for that with determination, moxy, and skill.  These Women of action would not flinch in the face of gangsters, and Nazis, and Ninjas...Oh my.

Product Promo for upcoming RuntimeDNA Product.  Rendered in Poser Pro 2012.
The Eyes of March by kageryu
The Eyes of March
There are places where even Angels should fear to tread.  Realms of the Old Gods, ripe with the energies of raw chaos.  These lands defy description, and are replete with nightmarish images and scenes the mere sight of which can snap a man's mind.
In the ancient planes among the twisting mists of the chaos wastes great Cyaegha sees all.  His countenance drifts the burning skies, his gaze surveying all of time and space as he waits to be freed from the leash of the five Vaeyen, to roam the earth at the end of aeons.  His spawn churns and sprouts among the seas of lost and forfeit souls that entomb the great gates of Ryleh, where things that should not be awakened sleep.  An angel's tread in this realm does not go unnoticed, and something terrible churns and moves within the deep, madness is given form, and the time of ends is at hand.

Just a sneak peak at some things I am working on featuring Scarlet, Angelic for Scarlet, and Cthulhu from Sixus1 Media (and lots of other cool content too).


Mark A. Fares
United States
Current Residence: Nazi Controlled America (Ohio)
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 2xl
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite photographer: My Dad
Favourite style of art: Surreal
Operating System: Windows 95
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Shell of choice: Candy Coated
Wallpaper of choice: Home Made
Skin of choice: Human
Favourite cartoon character: Invader Zim, or Bender, or Mojo Jojo
Personal Quote: Everyone gets to be happy but me.
What do you do when you know you will never be anything but a pale shadow of the things you hoped and tried to be...a mockery...a joke? When no matter how hard you try, ultimately you will always fall short - because even the small successes you may achieve are so heavily outweighed by losses and failures? When you know every minute of every day that those small things you need to be happy - that everyone else seems to take for granted - are never going to be yours? When you look around you at everyone else and know without any doubt, you don't belong, you never will belong, no matter how hard you try? When you know you are broken deep down inside and can never be fixed?
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: the Windmills of your mind
  • Watching: my life slip away
  • Playing: possum
  • Eating: Crow
  • Drinking: Whiskey

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